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The very fact that you are on this page right now, says that there is something inside you, a passion, an idea, a thought, a dream.... Something that is burning away in your mind or soul that you have always wanted to do. You may have had the idea this morning, or you may have been thinking about it for the last 10 years.

I got the original inspiration for this foundation from the incredible women who I am lucky enough to interact with on a daily basis through my social media feeds - As I would share the story of my career, I would receive questions, emails, letters & comments from amazing women who wanted to know more, who were embarking on their journey of starting their own brand / business / venture or where already on the journey & took inspiration from my stories & sharing about things I've learnt over the past 10 years, mistake I've made, more visibility into certain areas of the process, or even just 'I have an idea, but I have no idea where to start.'

So The SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION is about a few things;

Its about; COMMUNITY & Information Sharing; Me to you (You can read in SW's JOURNAL). From Interviews with inspiring women who I have been lucky enough to meet along the way & who are doing amazing things (You can read their stories & advice in GET INSPIRED). And probably most powerfully you guys with each other; a community of passionate & inspiring women who have all come to the this site to learn, grow, be inspired & do! You can connect daily with each other via the comments in my journal, on our Facebook page or on our Insta feed.

It is also about, GLOBAL POSSIBILITIES; I base most of my time out of New York City & have done so for a few years now. I am a very proud Australian, who is very passionate about young, dynamic Australia's getting out & seeing the world - and if it can be done for a longer amount of time then a holiday, even better. In my time living & working abroad, I have been honoured to meet many incredible people from all over the world who are established in their field, I have called these people the MASTERCLASS. The point of the MASTERCLASS section on this website is to sit with these amazing individuals & get their insights, advice & experience on how they have gotten to where they are. Each member of the MASTERCLASS is an expert of their industry & give a great insight into what is possible on the global stage. 

So - Welcome to the SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION! If you are looking to embark on your own venture of creating your dream brand / business / venture, I recommend you start at my very first journal entry HERE. 

 I hope that you get something out of my entries, I suggest reading through the journal, (which I add entries to often) with a notebook & pen at the ready - Make as many notes as you can, you may read something that resonates with your idea or triggers a new one. Treat your idea with purpose. You've dreamt it, now you're about to plan it, then do it! And i think thats pretty exciting! 

With admiration,


I have have experienced a career to date that has seen my journey go from a Bondi Beach Market Table to the global stage of New York City. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Well, some parts of it have been, but some parts have been life altering, gut wrenchingly, cry in the shower, anxiety riddled isolation, fucking hard.

We are living in a day and age of filtered ‘perfection’, across many topics, and I have no doubt it is really easy to find a success story to read – Will this inspire you? Maybe for a second. I mean, when I started out in business at 21, and had no freaking idea what I was doing, I would rip out glossy designer profiles out of the monthly fashion magazines, and pin them on my inspiration board above my desk. But when the 3am hour arrived, and I was still awake burning past the midnight oil, feeling like the only person in the world, making jewellery til my hands physically bled to ensure I could get the order out first thing in the morning. My hair in a dirty top knot, the dirty plate from my toasted sandwich which was my 1am dinner still sitting on my desk next to me, and an anxiety sitting so heavy on my shoulders I could barely differentiate the weight of the physical tiredness Vs the mental angst of owing $80,000 in credit card debt that I had accumulated trying to get the business off the ground… Was that glossy, styled designer profile picture smiling at me from my inspiration board empowering me then? Not only was it not empowering me, it was doing the opposite. It was making me compare myself & my journey to a single, styled, perfect looking image, and it made me feel shit, and isolated & only fueled my anxiety even more.

So, I wanted to created a platform, that would house all the things I wish I had access to, when I was starting out in business. It is a place where I write about things I have learnt in business, and a place that will also share things I am still learning. It is a place where we turn the spotlight on Women in Business doing amazing things; but the pre-requisite for them to take part in an interview, is that along with the success story, they have to share their hurdles, & hardships. What gives them anxiety, and what some of their loneliest moments have been. Because if I could have read that when I was just starting out, I think that would have been like a comforting hug, knowing that other 'soloprenuers' out there were experiencing the same feelings, hurdles & anxiety I was/am. You can read their stories in the BE INSPIRED section.

While this foundation's logo (ever so modestly ;) has my name on it, its absolutely more about YOU, than it is me. In addition to the spotlight on female entreprenuers in the BE INSPIRED section, we have just launched our CONTRIBUTORS section, where we open the forum to you to share your stories, maybe a letter to your younger or older self, to share a lesson you learnt in business & how it may have impacted on your personally, or simply a sharing of vulnerability you think might empower the equivalent of 21 year old me, sitting at my desk at 3am, with absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but with a big dream & a work ethic to match.

Most recently, I have split the SW’s JOURNAL into two sections, FROM MY DESK, + BUSINESS: THINGS I’VE LEARNT. As I progress through my career, and more so the journey that is life, I am compelled to share more of the rougher bits I have experienced along the way. I feel a responsibility to the social impact of the day & age we live in.