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Samantha Wills

This was my horoscope the day I decided to quit my job, and dedicate myself to building a brand. 

This was my horoscope the day I decided to quit my job, and dedicate myself to building a brand. 

I often get asked ‘When is the right time to…?.’ And the answer I give every single time no matter what they end the sentence with is, ‘there never is a right time.’

You could spend your whole life planning, talking, waiting, planning. But there comes a time when you just have to take a leap, accepting that everything is not lined up, and choosing to take the plunge anyway.

The most common thing I get asked from women wanting to start their own venture is ‘I work full time in XXXXX, but I really want to be doing my own thing. I am just worried about not having an income while I am starting.’ 

When I took the leap to start my business, I had no money in the bank or no money behind me, and at the peak of my startup costs, I was in $80,000 worth of debt across 5 credit cards (the anxiety was real!!). When I was talking to my Dad one day in the early days of my business, he gave me really powerful advice. Seeing my passion & commitment to it he said, ‘Don’t let it be money that stops you. Money is the easiest thing to get’. And he was right! If you have a great business idea, are passionate & prepared to work hard – these are the most important things. Everyone will go about it differently and funds will become available. A personal bank loan, credit cards (like me!), family, investors, savings. Selling internal organs? Obviously joking...unless it's not vital... then, I don't know...maybe?! 

If you look at it from above, you have one life, so if you have to work for at least 40 hours a week (often more hours than you spend with family & friends) wouldn’t it be great if you LOVED what you did? Instead of doing what you HAVE to do just to get by?

I also suggest you need to be making moves in the background to bring your dream into fruition. It's a bit of a juggling act, and it requires working into the early hours of the morning. I worked at surf retailer ‘Surf Dive n Ski’ for 12 months, 5 days a week. I would make jewellery in the evenings & weekends. I'd also organise jewellery parties at people's houses on some nights, then spend every single Sunday down at Bondi Beach markets selling my designs. I made the leap to quit that job when the demand I experienced at Fashion Week was so significant. I decided I needed to throw everything I had at it, or I might miss my opportunity. I didn’t know if it was going to work out or not, but I was prepared to take that risk.

As Jack Johnson sings, ‘Don’t let your dreams be dreams.’ And how powerful that is. Don’t just be a dreamer, be a dreamer who ‘does’. Do you have to announce it on your Facebook page that you are launching a new venture on XXXX date? So that you have publicly committed? Maybe its telling just one friend? Being ‘held’ to a date (or at least a launch month) I think is valuable, because as I said at the start of this post, there will never be a good time. With momentum comes momentum so Just. Get. Started. I had wanted to do The SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION for many years. I thought about it, developing different ways in my head & notebook for such a long time. I finally got sick of just thinking about it. So, with nothing but the idea, I made the announcement in October 2015 that I was going to launch it in January 2016. I made the announcement at The COLLECTIVE HUB The New League Event to a room of 300 people I knew would be expecting it in January. And for the following months after the announcement I got to work on getting it out of my head & into reality.

I guess the overarching message here and what I am trying to convey is DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! You can talk about it for as long as you want, but it's not until you take that huge leap of faith or even little incremental steps, that you'll bring that dream to life. MAKE A MOVE. 

You do not want to be the person that always spoke about doing something amazing. Go, DO something amazing. - SWx