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Samantha Wills

Ringing in the New Year at beautiful, snowy Mammouth Mountain. As we begin this next trip around the sun, I wrote the following to myself for the year(s) ahead, but wanted to share (and have altered a little) because, it's my wish for all of us. 

My wish for us, is that we experience every possible happiness that 2017 has to offer. 
There will be sadness and disappointment; that's life, when these feelings wash over you, be there to process the hurt, but don't stay there too long. You have one crazy, precious, wild life to live, and it shouldn't be lived in sadness. 

May our thoughts and internal dialogues reflect our hopes, not our fears. 

I hope we all travel to places on this planet that we have never been before. 

My wish is that we move not just slightly out of our comfort zones, but so far out of them, that the fear of the unknown, and of new experience is so paralyzingly scary, that when we move through it, and we will, we look back with such heart bursting pride and achievement that we tried something we never thought we could do. We might even try it again the following day. 

Embrace the fact that growth is uncomfortable. Seek it out. Sit with it. 

I hope that we employ conscious kindness in how we go about every day. 

Be unwaveringly honest with yourself, and the situations around you. You probably didn't see those red flags....because you were wearing them as blindfolds. Stop doing that. 

May we understand that for all our desires for someone to treat us in a certain way, you can only meet people where they are at. 

You are responsible for the energy you show up with. Show up as the very best self you are capable of that day. 

I hope we say yes, more then we say no. 

My wish is that we stop talking about all the things we want to do, and just go and do them. 

I hope that we can find freedom in forgiveness, and happiness in gratitude. 

You are loved. -SWx