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Samantha Wills


My answer is; Do Something. Anything.

In just about every interview I do, I get asked, ‘ What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own business, but are not really sure where to start.' I always preface my reply, by saying that my answer is not revolutionary… its actually quite uninspiring⠀⠀

My answer is; Do Something. Anything.

There is never going to be a right time to start something, so if you are waiting for that, it will never happen. Often times in start-up, you have a ‘real job’ that pays the bills (& funds your passion project!). You might be in a position to call it quits on your day job, & pursue what you actually want to be doing. It took me about two years to quit my ‘real job’. But every spare second I had when I wasn’t working full time, I was hustling to get my then handmade, market stall slash party plan, jewellery business off the ground.

Make little steps to be working on the project you love. It could be an hour a day, it could be what you dedicate your entire weekends to.

If I am asked this one-one-one, the majority of times, the reply back is ‘I can’t, I’ve left it too late’, or ‘I should have done it earlier’.⠀⠀ For so long, this was my reply also to myself (and by reply, I mean ‘excuse’), for SO many things I wanted to do. Learn to snowboard. Learn to play the guitar. Get fit. Learn to surf… the list goes on. Then, one day, I got fed up with my excuse, and did them. The biggest takeaway for me, was all the time I spent justifying why I ‘should’ have done them earlier, I could have actually been doing them, and then suddenly,  that would mean that I HAD done them earlier.⠀⠀

My point is, start where you are. Its never too late. Where you are right now brings with it a greater knowledge, maturity & view, than if you had of started earlier. So, whatever it is, do something. Anything. Even if tiny, in the direction you want to go. If you do something today (could even be registering a domain name, enrolling in a course / class, creating a private Instagram feed that you can start building your brand on.)

Don’t be someone that always talks about doing something. Go, & do it. - SWx