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Samantha Wills


I am very proud to be a woman in business,& having started the @SamanthaWillsOfficial brand in 2004 I am passionate about empowering women with the SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION .While I could not be prouder of the conversation that we find ourselves in,I am dedicated in turning conversation into action.It is my unwavering belief that as brands we have a responsibility to stand for more than just the products we sell.It is for that reason it is an absolute honour to be announced today as the Ambassador for iconic Australian brand, @HoldenAustralia

When I am approached to be a spokesperson for a brand, I ask two questions. The first; What is the campaign key messaging? And secondly; What is the company doing internally to support that? More often than not,the two answers do not line up. When my initial 30min meeting with Holden’s GM of Marketing, Natalie Davey turned into a 3hr conversation,I walked away SO inspired,I couldn’t wait to sign on to the role. ⠀

Here are some of the things I learnt that as a company Holden are dedicated to, spearheaded by the brands CEO, Mark Bernhard. Inspired by their actioning for change, I asked Natalie if I could share them: ⠀

A SUPPORTED WORKPLACE: Creating a workplace in which women are supported, empowered & encouraged to not only succeed, but to define for THEMSELVES exactly what success looks like ⠀

GENDER PAY GAP: Explicit policies & processes are in place to ensure equity across job roles. ⠀

ZERO TOLERANCE ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:Holden support victims of domestic violence, & provide education & assistance to both men & women. ⠀

A COMMITMENT TO 50/50: It’s no secret that the automotive industry globally has much higher ratio of males to females.This International Women’s Day, Holden announced they’re committing to becoming a gender-balanced workforce within 5 years. ⠀

WOMEN IN SENIOR LEADERSHIP: General Motors CEO is a female;Mary Barra–a globally influential role model–a constant reminder that breaking barriers is everyone’s responsibility. ⠀

 What a privilege to work with a brand who is so committed to championing change.- SWx

PHOTO: Scott Elher