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Samantha Wills


It’s really none of my business, right now, to be on the cover of a magazine about business. I’m unemployed at the moment (or ‘between jobs’ as I tell my Dad), but none the less, I will be touring Australia late this month for the Business Chicks #FoundersTalks.⠀

Even though it’s a business initiative, by a business organization, that even has the word business in the title, I won’t be speaking about business at all. The truth is I am actually really shit at business - I operate very much in the right side of the brain, so if you’re looking for a keynote speaker on numbers & logistics, I’m not the one.

What I WILL be talking about however, is how the Universe only ever has three answers for us.⠀

1. Yes⠀

2. Not right now. ⠀

3. I have something better in store for you. ⠀

We are always being guided. People & experiences cross our paths for a purpose; gently (other times not so gently) pushing us in the direction we are meant to be going, but rather than seeing it as guidance, we see it as a shut door/not getting what we want at the time that we want it.⠀

I’ll be talking about how in 2004 when I was initially offered a showroom wall at Fashion Week I declined it. I didn’t think my jewellery was good enough to be anywhere more than a market table. Nothing or no one, could convince me otherwise.⠀

At the same time, I had been seeing a boy who I had a significant crush on. I thought it was all going well - then he simply disappeared. I don’t think ghosted was a term in ‘04, but that’s what he did. I was 22 & devastated.⠀

A week after our last date, he walked past my market stall with his arm around an actress from Home & Away. My heart dropped to the ground as they stopped at my table.⠀

“Oh hey, Sam,” He said, casually as you like, as if we were old buddies, “so, this is your little hobby you were telling me about?” He said, nodding towards my jewellery.⠀

It was dismissive. It was sharp. And my God, it stung...(& I also absolutely hate being called Sam.)⠀

When He & Home & Away were out of sight, I ran to the toilets & burst into tears. Walking back to my market table & standing right by it was the guy who had offered me the spot on the showroom wall at Fashion Week just happened to walk past.

“Is that spot still available?” I asked, “if it is, I’ll take.”

It was, and I did.

…It’s funny, isn’t it?…what we feel and/or think at the time is a painful, devastating, shut door, when really its not a shut door at all, but a helpful “TRAIL THIS WAY →” sign, helping us veer back onto our path, a helpful guide directing us where are meant to be going…

It’s a very huge honour to be on the cover of LATTE magazine, especially for their 2019 International Women’s Day Issue.

Thank you to Editor Rebecca Bodman for this opportunity, and to Business Chicks for allowing me to stand on your stage to talk about all the things that guide us on our path to what we are meant to make our business, but not really talking about business at all. – SWx

(For anyone wondering, they broke up about a year later, but similarly to what I said at the start…. That’s none of my business 🐸☕.)


Australian Tour, March / April 2019