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Samantha Wills

If you’ve followed my Instagram (@SamanthaWills ), you will know I have been on a fitness journey for the past 7 months or so.

I travel a lot for work, and used to find myself having to convince said self to go & workout, especially in the midst of jet lag. But not anymore, I look forward to my workouts, especially if I am able to do them as soon as I land / arrive somewhere. I find they help me target jetlag to (hopefully) get on top of it early.

This post is to explain my 'quick-I-have-very-little-to-no-time workout'. This is the bare minimum I would do, it is best if you have access to a gym, but if not, just switch the weight stuff out for additional Push Ups + Tricep Dips using your own body weight as the resistance. 

  •  20mins Running @ 10km per hour (approx. 6 miles per hour)

(If you have a little bit more then no time, try to hit 30mins)

  • 15mins core work

o   200 Ab Crunches (Try 30 at a time & break for 15 secs)

o   20 NormalPush-Ups

o   40 (20 each arm) Bicep curls with 5KG weights

o   20 Triceps (10 each arm) with 5KG weights

o   Hold Plank x 4 times for 45 secs each

o   Side plank hip dips for 20 reps each side x 2


As I always state, I am not a Personal Trainer & hold nothing but a NSW Drivers license! The above is purely what I do, and what works for me.

As always, eating clean is key also. I eat a lot of fish, salads, crackers for snacks… If I on a clean eating day & I order a burger, I ask for it without the bun, and switch the fries out for salad. It is all about making smarter choices for every meal. If you start doing this, I promise after a week, you will start to see small changes in your body.

Regardless of the benefits of whipping your bodying into shape, sweating it out whips the mind into shape also, I find the treadmill is the place I flesh out ideas I have had, it’s a time with no interruptions & it has brought some of my best projects to life.

Get moving. - SWx