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Samantha Wills

Product business, service, publisher or simply a personal brand? You need to have a defined brand aesthetic. A brand has so many visual touch points and these all need to flow seamlessly: your logo, website (desktop site + mobile site), packaging, email format, stationery, office space, business card, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your personal style, your headshot, profile shots... YOU!

The good news is in the digital world we are living in, this is a very easy thing to achieve. My advice is to start a PINTEREST or TUMBLR page that you are constantly curating. I don't put any limits or categories on this process of discovery, it's just about pinning and re-posting things you like. It could be interiors, fashion, street style, texture, typography, quotes, stationery, florals or photography. 

I would recommend pinning at least 100 images over a few days (or weeks). Go back through your page & delete anything you no longer resonate with, leaving a beautiful curation of images that speak to you personally. 

You should be able to see a theme emerging... Have you pinned things in a certain colour palette? Are there recurring shapes? Are your interior images representative of your dream space? Are the quotes reflective of your values?

I have included some quick grabs from my personal TUMBLR page, aside from my love of CHANEL surfboards (!), the palette is predominantly monochrome, with hints of nude / blush (the colour of this Foundation + the accent color of the SAMANTHA WILLS brand). The greenery is what I fill my home & office with, as well as beach vibes (bohemian) mixed with white marble & clean furniture (luxe). I pin to this page pretty much on the daily and I often scroll through old pins to see what I was inspired by a few months ago, rediscovering images I've posted & getting re-inspired or triggering a new idea like I am seeing the imagery for the first time. 

It's also a great 'portfolio' to show to any creative partners you are working with. If you are working with a creative agency on your corporate identity branding (Logo / Website etc), send them a link to your page so they can get a clear visual on your aesthetic.  

Have you had your brand a while, and are looking to update, refresh or re-brand? This is a great tool to do so organically. Both PINTEREST & TUMBLR are so heavy with visual content, what organically appeals to you will jump straight out at you.

  1. Keep your board / page aspirational, creating your dream brand, even if it's not 100% possible to execute every element you want to right now. 
  2. Your style will change, evolution is good. It's also good to reflect on your evolution by scrolling back though past posts. 
  3. Don't be limited by singular sources for inspiration. Look at everything from architecture to fashion, food to paint swatches! 
  4. Use the page as a sounding board to stay true to your brand. Sometimes when you work so deep in something, it can be easy to lose perspective. If you're ever unsure, go back to your board. Designed a piece you are not sure is on brand? Hold it up against your page - does it fit on there? If not, don't include it in your collection - always stay on brand. 
  5. Are you visible in your brand? (You may or may not be), and if you are, do YOU fit on that page? Are your headshot / profile shots captured in the same aesthetic?

YOU are your brand, so at the end of the day, it has to be truly reflective of you as an individual. Never compromise. Define your visual brand aesthetic & own it. - SWx