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ALICE HAMPTON; Loving, and living life. 

ALICE HAMPTON; Loving, and living life. 

The more you give the more you get.

The more you give the more you get.

Authenticity is everything

Take every interaction you have with someone be it at work, with friends or with a loved one as an opportunity to do something for them that brings them happiness.

Alice, & fiance Chris Princis

Alice, & fiance Chris Princis

All Images via @AliceHampton

1.     The more you give the more you get. A common misconception is that giving things away will somehow diminish what you already have however I promise whether it is giving your money, your belongings, your ear to listen or your time your life will be richer than you can ever have imagined.

2.     Call your mum. (And your dad). Remember you will always be their little girl long after you pack your bags to see the world.

3.     Travel. Visit first world countries, third world countries and everywhere in between. Immerse yourself in different cultures, try different ways of life and meet different people. Not only will your life be rich in experiences you will have a new found perspective that will allow you to always know what really matters. I’m a firm believer if everyone in the world traveled more there would be a lot more compassion and a lot less war.

4.     Do charity work. Choose a cause that inspires you and just do it especially if you are dealing with something personally difficult yourself. Apart from having a positive impact on others I assure you it is the quickest way to get out of your head and make you appreciate all that you should be grateful for.

5.     Be thoughtful. Take every interaction you have with someone be it at work, with friends or with a loved one as an opportunity to do something for them that brings them happiness.  From a corporate perspective being thoughtful in the business world is a key factor in successful solution focused problem solving.

6.     You will be working for a very long time so make sure to choose a profession that you love. Work out what motivates or inspires you and just go for it, making sure to remain open to all of the opportunities that come up along the way. When I started out in PR I would never have guessed that by the time I was 40 I would be living in New York as Vice President Global Communications for a global beauty company however, if I hadn’t of started my career in an industry that I loved so much then I am sure the tough days would have been much, much tougher.

7.     Listen. This is one of the most underrated qualities but it is one of the most essential ones you can exercise.

8.     One of my favorite quotes is “It’s not what happens to you it’s the way you deal with it that counts”. Just remember it’s during times of adversity that leaders shine.

9.     Pay yourself first. Put away 10% of your income before paying any rent, bills or mortgages. As Einstein said compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. “He who understands it, earns it…He who doesn’t…pays it”

10. Authenticity is everything. In relationships, in business, in life, being authentic as a person, as a brand or as a company is an essential component to success and happiness.

11. When life gets tough remember the saying “this time shall pass”. Heartbreak, loss and upset are inevitable in life however just remember you will get there and one day everything will be alright.

12. Do something that scares you. Whether it is doing a public speaking course if you are scared of speaking in front of crowds, moving to a new city if you have never left home or traveled or doing what I did recently and buying a motorbike having never ridden on my own in my life growth comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and accomplishing the things you never thought were possible.

13. Don’t forget your roots. New friends are important, old friends are integral.

14. Don’t take the airport travelators. After sitting in a plane all day your body will appreciate the extra steps.

15. Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.

16. When it comes to love, hold out for the right one… It makes it so much more worth it when it finally comes.

17. Surround yourself with high quality people. It is well known people adapt to their surroundings so fill your life with people who will help you grow, who will encourage you to reach your potential and who have a positive impact in your life.

18. Exercise.

19. Have a sense of humor, have fun and don’t forget to laugh. Sometimes it feels as though my fiancé and I laugh together more than we actually speak and I wouldn’t change one bit.

20. Be grateful. If you are able to live under a roof with access to good food and water trust me you are well ahead in life.  Feeling grateful even for the smallest things allows the even bigger things to appear.

21. Let your loved one know how much you love them every single day. Whether it is hiding a love note in their bag, sending them a text or doing something for them that makes them happy never stop cherishing and appreciating.

22. Never grow up. Of course pay the bills and turn up to work on time but always keep a sense of mischief and delight I promise it will keep you looking and feeling younger than the date on your drivers license.

23. Never stop dating your partner and love them with all your heart. My fiancé and I have date nights every single week and each one is as romantic and fun as our first.

24. Drink good coffee. No Starbucks. No compromises.

25. It’s okay to move on. When relationships or friendships fail it’s okay to move on… just make sure to remember the lesson so you can try to avoid it next time.

26. Always maintain your integrity. No matter how down and difficult times may get at the end of the day as the saying goes you only go to sleep with yourself at night so live a life that allows you to sleep soundly.

27. There is a saying “The worst thing you can do for someone is the very thing they could have done for themselves”. This may sound harsh but continually doing something for someone who is capable of doing it themselves is only robbing them of their confidence.

28. In times of crisis you may feel the pressure to come up with an answer right away however sometimes sleeping on it is the best decision you will ever make.

29. Be a leader not just a boss. IQ may have gotten you the job but I believe EQ is what is truly important as if you don’t truly understand the people – their thinking, their background, their objective or their rationale - around you how are you going to really advise or help?

30. Communicate kindly, bravely and compassionately. If something or someone is bothering you then share it with them… don’t push it under the carpet as it will only come out down the track.

31. Fail fast. Learn from it, take responsibility and use it as a benchmark as to what you can change or improve upon next time.

32. Make an impact. As the saying goes “people wont remember what you say but people will remember how you made them feel”. Be someone who leaves a mark.

33. Dress well.  Portray the image you want others to see.

34. Spend time with the elderly. Apart from many just wanting company what you will learn is so much more valuable than the time you give up to visit them.

35. Read. Keep up to date on current affairs and educate yourself on world issues.

36. Show your appreciation. Whether it is sending someone flowers or a thank you note in the mail in our fast paced social world don’t lose site of old values.

37. Don’t be a serial dater… enjoy being alone. I personally loved my alone time before meeting my fiancé as it allowed me to really know what I wanted in a partner however if it doesn’t come naturally then do what you can to learn how to enjoy it as you are never going to bring your best to someone (or find the best person for you) if you haven’t taken the time to invest in yourself and work out what you really want.

38. Know your self worth. This is crucial as it will set the benchmark of how you treat others and how you will allow others to treat you.

39. Have mentors. These can change as your life and career progresses but having a mentor to encourage, push and guide you is one of the surefire secrets to success.

40. Right now is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again. Life goes fast so live a life that is full, fun and most of all make sure it is the life you want to live.

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