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Samantha Wills

With Mothers Day this Sunday, I asked my Mum, Patsy, if she would would write something for me, that I could could post to the SW Foundation  – I asked if she would write the 10 most important things she has taught me. Here is her reply. Happy Mothers Day to all the incredible Mum’s out there.  - SWx

Mum & I, 1982

Mum & I, 1982

Mum in the early 70's (What babe!) 

Mum in the early 70's (What babe!) 

Mum & I, photographed for the McGrath Foundation Mothers Day campaign in 2016.   Image by Scott Ehler. 

Mum & I, photographed for the McGrath Foundation Mothers Day campaign in 2016. 

Image by Scott Ehler. 

Mum & I in the 80's - obviously. 

Mum & I in the 80's - obviously. 

ARMS OF TRUST: By Patsy Wills

As a mother, one of the most beautiful things is feeling the warm little arms of your child around your neck or on your shoulders as you carry them, hold them or hug them. Their little arms give warmth, love and complete trust that you are going to always be there to guide them through life. These I call the “Arms of Trust”.

It was on one of these occasions when I looked into the face of my daughter Samantha, that I marvelled at the journey we were about to begin together.

From tiny tot,to beautiful young woman there was much fun,laughter,adventures,ups & downs, tears, etc. But amidst it all here, are 10 things I taught my daughter

1. Always be kind, and generous. People will remember how you made them feel, go above & beyond to make them feel good. Leave people happier for being in your presence.

2. Be a good friend.  In return you will have good friends

3. Go with your gut, its very rarely wrong  ...  and own your mistakes    

4. Work hard

5. Never burn your bridges, you may need to cross them again.

6. Taste your words before you say them, they are powerful, and once something is said, you cannot unsay it.

7. Love wholeheartedly – Despite the break-ups, and heartaches that you will experience along the way, choose to wear your heart on your sleeve. Tell the ones you love that you love them often.

8. Stop and smell the roses, take time to have fun along the way

9. Never feel guilty for moving away from home, for travelling or going on an adventure - But come home to me every now and then, know I am here for you matter what..always. I will ensure home is a safe haven for you and all who come with you.

10.  Don’t gossip.  Except with me. I love that stuff...( and I can keep a secret )

Now that you are no longer a tiny tot but a beautiful young woman, I still see your beautiful long arms, & know that they are arms that still wrap around & hold people, they reach out to people in need, & give hugs so tight that all of the broken pieces stick back together.  They are still “Arms of Trust & Love”. I am so proud,& ever grateful that I am your Mother, what a journey we have had so far, & still more to come.  


Love, Mum xxxx