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10 Little Lessons I've Learnt To Live By: Amanda Vaisigano

Samantha Wills

Contributing writer; Amanda Vaisigano

Contributing writer; Amanda Vaisigano

1. No matter how much someone cares about you or how long you’ve known them, no one knows you like you know yourself. So, do you.

2. Time is the most precious resource we all have (I have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce does!) 

3. Protect your space and energy, you can only direct your attention to so many places.

4. People aren't rude by mistake - and it isn't a reflection of you.

5. There is no point trying to justify yourself to people - they either get it or they don't. Hold on to the ones who get it.

6. What you think, you become.

7. Life is short, don't sit around thinking about what you want to do and achieve, just go, right now, and make it happen.

8. Each day is an opportunity to connect with your children and secure precious memories in their minds.

9. A sense of humour can save you - laugh through the shitty bits and laugh at yourself.

10. Being polite is a dying trait, but one that is worth its weight in gold.

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