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FOUNDER: Samantha Wills

FOUNDER: Samantha Wills

I am beyond grateful for the incredible online community that I am lucky enough to engage with, being able to reach hundreds of thousands of women through social media on a daily basis. But I truly believe that with that type of following, comes great responsibility. The majority of our followers are young females, it would be remiss of me to portray my story as one of all fashion industry glamour & no sweat, a series of airbrushed images that imply I just woke up one day with a global company, or that this fashionable life & path is only for the ‘chosen few’. Because that would be a fraudulent.

Because the truth is, for the first 3 years of this starting my brand, I hand made every single piece of jewellery on my dining room table, my hands bleed, and I was getting about 3 hours of sleep per night. I have had more doors closed in my face then I care to think about, but that just made me incredibly savvy about finding open windows. I have sacrificed relationships due to the amount of travel & time required to build a company from the ground up, there have been nights I haven’t been able to sleep given the pressure of what you are responsible for. I have pissed industry people off by speaking my belief that there is no actual ‘need’ for what we do in the fashion industry, but it is purely an industry based on ‘want’.  And as such, it is my belief that we, as established people of industry, need to be giving back. Giving back with time, knowledge, mentoring, funds, encouragement, inspiration. – Something. Anything.

And that’s what The SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION is about. It is a platform & community for our followers to share knowledge with each other, to learn, ask questions, be inspired, connect, & know that if a girl, with no tertiary education, from small town Port Macquarie Australia, can now base in New York City, meet incredible people who are doing amazing things on a global stage, and all the while can make a career & be paid to every single day do what she loves. – Then hell, so can you.

FOUNDER, The Samantha Wills Foundation