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Samantha Wills

 Tea, anyone? The beautiful tea serving tray at Mana Wellbeing Centre

Tea, anyone? The beautiful tea serving tray at Mana Wellbeing Centre

 FOUNDER Ngahuia Trewartha, taking some time for stillness. 

FOUNDER Ngahuia Trewartha, taking some time for stillness. 

Ngahuia Trewartha is the founder of Mana Wellbeing Centre, in Port Lincoln, South Australia. 

In her own words, she describe the SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION to me as 'truly an art to balance the love of service to community in business in family in an intimate relationship & of course with self. These pillars of strength require healthy practice and devotion to maintain balance.' While she is very kind to say that to me, I think what she is doing in her line of business is truly the beautiful art of service to community. While I have never met Ngahuia in person, or had a reading by her, i do seek my own spiritual guides & have regular readings done, when I am in Australia & also when I travel. I find it to be calming & keeps me balanced when life & work often feel like a raging sea. So I have huge respect & admiration for the work Ngahuia & her team do, and am delighted to share some photos from the Mana Wellbeing Centre, Ngahuia hopes that the images will allow anyone who see's them to 'Feel the pockets of beauty created. Light spaces & looking over the ocean is what supports my dreamings of creations for service & connecting'.... (and can we just take a second to bath in Ngahuia beautiful words? I mean.. WOW!!)  

Given Ngahuia uses words like poetry, I am going to cut & paste her descriptions for this beautiful space, and if I am ever in Port Lincoln, I cannot wait to visit! - SWx

Sitting with tea to journal and create.
A shrine of affirmations with flowers & candles to inspire dreamings & Good Vibes!
Commit to sit and breathe is a healthy practice of meditation
Connecting with sisterhood for woman's wisdoms
Ocean time and trusting that the horizon will rise to meet you when
Colourful and natural light working areas brings inspirations for myself and those that come to share the space.

VISIT: Mana Wellbeing Centre. Offering wellbeing services of Wellbeing Retreats, programmes, mentoring, Ka Huna Massage, guidance readings, art & more. 

20/22 Lewis Street
Port Lincoln, South Australia
+61 429 938 869


Ngajuia acknowledge's that the Mana Wellbeing Centre Events is held on the lands of the traditional carers of the Barngarla (Parnkalla) people of Eyre Peninsula South Australia, and honours their traditional beliefs of these lands, waters & sea.